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Herschel Berry: Home

The New CD , ART or TRASH , is Here !!!

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Herschel has a new (used) amplifier. He's feeling clean shaven and bad ass. Part of it must be that heavy Gulf Coast air down in Houston. Ah, Houston. Bayou City. Or is it Space City? He calls it Helltown, Texas. Herschel Berry and Houston are inexorably linked. He's been the go-to man down there for more years than you could count. The Police are touring America for the first time. Who gets the call to share the stage? You got it. The Kinks are in town? Yeah, this guy's got the goods, and a thousand great songs to boot. Almost as many fantastic tales too. Childhood dance lessons in Las Vegas from Nipsey Russell. Cokes and a call home to Mom from Beach Boy Dennis Wilson at a post show gathering at the Shamrock Hotel. Some River Oaks porno incident referred to as the Daddy Burt Scandal. Herschel playing a prison guard on Geto Boy Bushwick Bill's solo record. This guy is in touch with 'the stuff', way above and beyond an understanding. A simple feeling, like seeing his sisters' reaction to Elvis on the tube. The stories and the songs become a mythology of sorts, and we've come full circle as of late. One of the recurring characters in this epic, the equally legendary Doctor Rockit - Rock Romano is back in the frame and he and Herschel have serendipitously formed a smokin' hot new combo. A new combination of old friends and bandmates that are making this gorgeous catalogue of songs buzz. I hear they're contemplating a new record of Herschel songs, so don't be surprised to step into a smoky club and feel the pull of this music. It's involuntary. Clean shaven and bad ass indeed ...............

Miguelito Guillermos

East Austin, Texas